Hair Care and Treatment Workshop

A 3-day workshop for hair care and styling professionals who want to have a deep knowledge of hair science, consulting, treatments, and regimen building.

Mode: In Person Theory and Practical

Date: 20th - 22nd, June 2022

Tutor: Koyinsola Vera-Cruz, Trichologist

Day 1: Hair Science and Hair Treatments

Structure of hair and scalp: This session aims to simplify what hair is, how it grows, how it gets damaged, and how it stays preserved.

Basics of hair and scalp care: This session aims to teach the elements of hair care that need to be considered by a stylist when consulting on and treating any hair.

Identifying hair loss patterns: This session aims to teach how to examine a head of hair and identify hair growth or hair loss patterns that help you narrow down the cause and type of hair loss the individual is having.

Hair products and ingredients knowledge: This session aims to teach how to understand the different types of hair products that exist, how to identify good quality hair products, and how to bring them together to form a hair treatment.

Day 2: Consulting and Developing a treatment regimen

The art of healthy hair consulting: This session aims to teach how to examine a client’s hair, scalp & lifestyle, and to ask the right questions to arrive at a diagnosis.

Developing a healthy hair regimen: This session aims to teach how to chart a treatment course that factors in a client's diagnosis and lifestyle.

Creating a report: Clients need to understand and be able to keep up with the regimen. This session aims to explain how to carry a client along with you on their hair journey.

Charging for your work: This session aims to teach you how to break down your work with a client such that they understand the value of each session they have with you and are willing to pay for it.  


Day 3: Consultation Practicals

In this session, we will conduct live consultations, putting all we have learnt on the course into practice.


Early Bird Discount: N150, 000 (Ends 13th June)

Course fee: N180, 000


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