Healthy Hair Conversation - The State of The African Woman's Hair

Updated: May 29, 2019

The state of the African woman’s hair is in crisis and has become impossible to ignore. Damaged hair and non-existent edges plagues the average woman on the continent. We decided to host 18 healthy hair industry practitioners and enthusiasts at the Studio to a conversation addressing the apparent missing education on the African woman’s hair.

Watch full video below.

In attendance were Trichologists, Cosmetic Product formulators, Professional hair technicians, Hair Care Consultants, bloggers and enthusiasts

The bubbly and exciting atmosphere which could only have come from the shared vision and passion that all participants had,  started us off discussing what healthy hair meant to each of us.

The goal was to activate a raised awareness of healthy hair care practices and attitudes in our society and ensure a scalable and sustainable future for the growing network of practitioners in the field.